PvPCentre TOS:

This regulation is valid for any person registered in the forum and must be respected by anyone without exceptions.
The regulation can change at any time. PvPCentre is not responsible for the contents of the Forum.
Every user is morally and criminally responsible for his actions on the Forum.
The staff reserves all permission to ban any user even if vip.
The staff reserves the right to remove any paid package.
The staff reserves the right to remove any discussion.
In case of change of rules, the discussions posted with an obsolete regulation will be updated within 1 day.
You can be banned in case of insults, racism, profanity or in other cases under the decision of the current staff.
Every purchase is equivalent to a donation.
By registering or using this Website Accept the PRIVACY (1).
The use of any type of hacked client is forbidden.
Only the following mods are used: LabyMod, CPSMod, ToggleSneak. Recommend new mods if your favorite is not on the list.
We are not responsible for the content published on the website.​

PRIVACY(1): https://www.iubenda.com/privacy-policy/21254327/legal